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Dr. Phil wants me to start living as a full time tanker.


This is a video of a bug posted on a forum.  Warrior using a polearm + shield.  I know you people have seen or read 300 right?  I heard blizz would not allow this because they do not have the animations for it, but I don’t see what is wrong with this.  Maybe a new 51 point arms talent? 😛

You have disarmed me.
Now I have disarmed you too.
We punch each other.

My first blog is going to be about warriors. And I must warn you, this is a “QQ” blog, so if you don’t want to taste my tears, then please move along.

  Though I mainly play a rogue, my warrior is probably my favorite character.  It was a lot of fun to domniate in pvp on my warrior and at the same time have great use in PvE.  Originally, I had thought about making this toon my primary pvp character…after all my rogue finally has a raid spot.  I had spent a lot of time saving 62k honor points on him, but upon the release of WoTLK….I feel that this may have been a waste of time.

The reason I would say this was a waste of time is for 2 reasons.  The first being that even the lowest quality pvp gear is quite expensive. 1 item costs 60K honor + a handful of arena points.  You basically have to arena now.  And arena is the least fun pvp environment to me, but I still would do it anyways.

 The only real available gear that is easy to obtain is craftable.  I suppose I would keep this until I can get something better, but now I am brought to my 2nd point.  Warrior PVP is horrible, even with decent gear.

What happened?  My warrior used to have some balls.  Arms specc was alot more fun than tanking and performed better than fury.

  I loved running into a noob hunter, who wing clips me, as I smash his face in and laugh…or the warlock who spams fear, as the words “immune” come up on his screen, I must grin evily.  You see, unlike my rogue, I was left to only my wits on my warrior ( and maybe some very nice heals).  no cheap escapes, it was me and my weapon, and that was it.  But what happened? 

If I charge into an enemey, I end up 5-10 yards away from him.  My only choice now is to switch to berzerker stance and intercept, yet to be left 5 yards from my target, unable to snare them.  I am wearing heavy armor, but yet rogues are destroying me from stunlocks into dimantles.  I play a rogue and do not understand why we need this ability…with out a weapon chain, an arms warrior is dead in one stunlock now…  Arms relies on random execute and overpower procs, which work in PvE, but are too random to be useful in PvP.

So…what do I do?  I  go to fury specc.  Titan’s grip + an auto matic mortal strike effect + heroic fury cannot be so bad?….boy was I wrong…see below:

“Dodge, dodge, miss, dodge”  No instants except bloodthirst…how much more trite can this be?  So…I decided to go back to prot. once again…and you know what?  Prot is more fun than either arms or fury, and I can even pvp in most situations pretty decently. see below:

So it looks to me like I will be tanking on my warrior. I am looking forward to being needed in a raid, and I suppose I can live with out pvp.  My death knight will now be taking on the reigns of a pvp toon since they, like ret pallies, get all the bells and whistes needed to survive longer than 5 seconds in a BG.

If blizzard wants to improve warriors, in my opionion they should first ditch the out dated stance system.  DK’s and pallies are not penalized for their stances and can use all abililties in whatever stance/aura/presence they have.  Maybe warrior stances should be revamped for starters, give them some kind of survivability that does not require a shield and spell reflect.  Maybe move warbringer as a skill instead of a talent or remove rage loss when changing stances…not sure if it will help, but I do know its gonna be messy.